The Park authority is engaged with year-round concerns such as management, information and organisational issues related to the Park. The committee has a secretariat Park manager in office in Øverbotn.

Legal guidelines for the regulation and protection of the Park are found here. In addition, there are continual efforts to form and maintain a management plan with clear interpretation of the legal guidelines. The management plan clarifies what is permitted and restricted for special interest groups using the Park. There is also a visitor strategy section detailing management strategies for those who visit the park.

Boardwalks in Ånderdalen. Photo: Ingve Birkeland

Norwegian Nature Surveillance staff out on field work in Kvænbukta. Photo: Ingve Birkeland

The regulatory aims and associated legislation dictate what activities are permitted in the Park’s area. Conservation of the Park is where protection of and use of the Park’s resources merge.

Ånderdalen National Park’s Visitor Strategy aims to assist the public in protecting the Park whilst they experience and use it. These are the main aims of the Park’s Visitor Strategy:

  • Ånderdalen National Park shall be maintained as an area with few structural modifications relating to its outdoor activities and travel in the area.
  • All travel and activity in the Park must be carried out with consideration for the fragile flora and fauna.
  • Visitor management should ensure visitors have worthwhile experiences and should contribute to raising asset-value on the Park in terms of local interest, understanding and pride over the protective status awarded Ånderdalen National Park.

Subsidiary aims: To secure long-term the Park’s protective status. To offer visitors experiences of high quality through provision of entry-points and other features. To contribute to building good relations between visitors and reindeer farmers. To allow visitors to enjoy peace and tranquillity in the Park. To increase awareness about the protected area to its stakeholders and visitors. To and to promote mutual pride, appreciation, and engagement for the Park.

State Forestry Ranger Service placing new boardwalks at Ånderdalen

State Forestry Ranger Service staff out on field work in Ånderdalen. Photo: Ingve Birkeland

The role of Norwegian Nature Surveillance

The Norwegian Nature Surveillance (SNO) organisation is responsible for monitoring activities in the Park. Their role is to ensure that the various users of the Park adhere to legislation and regulation. SNO works with the State Forestry Ranger Service (a body of staff responsible for Forestry throughout Norway bar Finnmark). Together, these organisations ensure that monitoring and surveillance of the park is carried out, also other tasks as directed by the National Park Committee. The State Forestry Ranger Service also maintain and uphold Åndergammen and Ånderbu, the two open shelters in the Park.